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Williamstown High School Careers

Our aim is to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.

You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the VCE, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions.

Year 12 VTAC Applications

VTAC applications are a 2 step process:
1. Create an account (Need your Student VCAA number and you will be issued with a VTAC ID & PIN No.)
2. Log into your account (with your VTAC ID & PIN) 
Remember to apply by 30 September by 5pm ($41 but after this date $119 until 6 November) and check  list of courses with early closing dates
You can change preferences each day if required as you research. The 'submit' button on the preference page is like a save button. 

SEAS applications via VTAC account

Year 12 students should make sure they apply for SEAS by 9 October. 
There are 4 categories:
1. Personal Information (All students should apply for this category)
2. Financial Disadvantage
3. Disability or medical condition 
4. Difficult circumstances (ie Covid-19)
Students must have at least one preference in their list to unlock the SEAS section in their account.
Students should not leave this to the last minute as Category 3 requires student impact statement and a medical practitioner statement of support and Category 4 may require the same documentation.